Strategic Partners

The Crisis Resiliency Team has a close relationship with several Strategic Partners who share a common vision of providing encouragement and assistance to survivors of disaster and other traumatic events. We are looking to continue to develop other positive relationships with organizations that share a similar vision. Current Strategic Partners include:

Baptist Chaplaincy Relations. The TCRT originally was organized by Baptist Chaplaincy and the TCRT continues to have a close working relationship with Baptist Chaplaincy Relations. This is an official endorser for Baptist Chaplains including those desiring to serve as volunteer chaplains in the area of disaster response ministry. For more information go to the webpage at:

Virginia Baptist Disaster Response. This disaster response group has a goal of having chaplains with all their disaster response teams. They use the Disaster Spiritual Care Training of the TCRT and have a close working relationship with the TCRT. Their webpage is:

You can also contact the Training and Crisis Care Team Coordinator (Kristen Curtis) at:

Crisis Response Ministry (CRM). The CRM works with Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Offices of Emergency Management, and Homeland Security to provide emotional and spiritual care both to responders and trauma survivors. They have chapters primarily in North and Northeast Texas. If you live in those geographical areas, we encourage you to become a member of the CRM in addition to being a member of the TCRT. For more information go to their webpage at:

You can also contact the Director of CRM (Jim McKee) at:

Helpful Documents

Below you will find a growing collection of documentation, including our Standard Operating Procedures and Deployment reports.

Organizational Documents


Revised SOP Texas Crisis Resiliency Teams

Symbolism of Logo


Payment of DSC Trainers: Trainer Payment

NOTE: The COVID pandemic impacted how we did DSC training. Instead of in person training much of the training has been via Zoom. This training has allowed greater flexibility in the payment of our trainers because there is no costs such as travel, lodging and meals. The intent is that we pay an honorarium similar to the Payment Guidelines above, but that we also recognize the value of all our trainers and offer them an honorarium.


TCRT Reimbursement Form

Independent Evaluations:

The Disaster Spiritual Care Training is based upon the best and current research into trauma and caring for trauma survivors. In an effort to maintain best practices we invite independent evaluations. This is currently just starting and currently we have an evaluation from Baylor University School of Social Work. We plan to add more evaluations in the future:

Evaluation Amine – Final Research Report 2018 04 21 (BBJ final) (002)

After Action Reviews (AARs) –

The intent is to write AARs of all events that our CRT supports.  It is important that we capture lessons learned and implement them for future events. I recognize that we are not doing a good job of writing these, but when we do write one I will post the AAR.

AAR Mass Casualty Mass Casualty Exercise  Oct 2018

ExerciseHurricane Harvey AAR— Aug / Sep 2017

San Antonio Airport Disaster Exercise – 19 Jul 2017

West After Action Report – Apr 2013

San Antonio Basic Course After Action Report – Oct 2012

Hurricane Isaac After Action Report – Sep 2012

Artesia Basic Course After Action Report – Aug 2012

Huntsville Shooting After Action Report  – Feb 2012

Ministers Retreat Jan 2012